Forthcoming: GRBS Vol 62 No 1 (Spring 2022)

Simone Rendina, “Pyrrhus’ Cold Wars (Plut. Pyrrh. 12)”

Plutarch’s reflections on Pyrrhus’ contempt for peace, often considered out of place here, are consistent with his comments in other Lives and with his larger view of the instability of the age of the Diadochi.

Luca Cadili, “The Second Strophe of Philodamus of Scarphea’s Paean to Dionysus: A Further Note”

Rather than Thebes as χθὼ[ν μεγαλώνυμος], restore πολυήρατος], which Philodamus derived from Od. 11.275 πολυήρατος Θήβη, an innovation for lyric.

Tomás Fernández and José Maksimczuk, “Duplicated Excerpts in Byzantine Anthologies: A Typological Study”

Distinctive ways can be charted whereby the ‘same’ fragment has entered different anthologies: one copying another, both copying a common source, ‘polygenetic excerption’, or contamination by a further source.