Vol 55, No 2 (2015)

Table of Contents


Aristomakhou as a Proper Noun in the Prooimial Priamel of Pindar’s Pythian 10 PDF
Roberto Bongiovanni pp. 300-314
The Prince and the Pancratiast: Persian-Thessalian Relations in the Late Fifth Century B.C. PDF
John O. Hyland pp. 315-328
Euripides’ Heracles: The Katabasis-Motif Revisited PDF
Katerina Mikellidou pp. 329-352
Analogies between Xenophon’s Parasang and Hamilton’s Post-hour PDF
Iordanis K. Paradeisopoulos pp. 353-390
The Religious and Philosophical Assimilations of Helios in the Greek Magical Papyri PDF
Eleni Pachoumi pp. 391-413
The Geometric Mosaics at Qusayr Amra in Context PDF
Mohammad Nassar pp. 414-430
Galen’s Reception in Byzantium: Symeon Seth and his Refutation of Galenic Theories on Human Physiology PDF
Petros Bouras-Vallianatos pp. 431-469
The Mongols’ Approach to Anatolia and the Last Campaign of Emperor John III Vatatzes PDF
Koji Murata pp. 470-488
The Thessaloniki Epitaphios: Notes on Use and Context PDF
Roland Betancourt pp. 489-535
Demetrius Triclinius and Responsion between Non-consecutive Strophes in Greek Drama PDF
Almut Fries pp. 536-557

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