Vol 54, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents


The Public Payment of Magistrates in Fourth-Century Athens PDF
David M. Pritchard 1-16
From Dialogos to Dialogue: The Use of the Term from Plato to the Second Century CE PDF
Katarzyna Jazdzewska 17-36
A Letter of Proklos to Asklepiades: P.Lond.inv. 2553 + P.Col. VIII 211 PDF
Antonia Sarri 37-44
Negative Comparison in Plutarch's Agesilaus-Pompey PDF
Sonya Nevin 45-68
Hecuba Revisited. Euripidean Echoes in Libanius Or. 22.22 PDF
Alberto J. Quiroga Puertas 69-86
Geometric Mosaic Pavements at Ras ed-Deir, Jordan PDF
Zeidoun al-Muheisen, Mohammad Nassar 87-104
The Textual Sources for the Peloponnese, A.D. 582–959: Their Creative Engagement with Ancient Literature PDF
Ilias Anagnostakis, Anthony Kaldellis 105-135
A New Testimony on the Platonist Gaius PDF
Michele Trizio 136-145

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