Vol 19, No 2 (1978)

Table of Contents


Self-defense in Athenian Homicide Law PDF
Michael Gagarin 111-120
Victors in the Prytaneion Decree (IG I2 77) PDF
Edmond J. Morrissey 121-125
Demos, Ecclesia and Dicasterion in Classical Athens PDF
Mogens Herman Hansen 127-146
Governors of Asia in the Nineties B.C. PDF
G. V. Sumner 147-153
The Legend of Constantine V as Dragon-Slayer PDF
Stephen Gero 155-159
On the Vita of St John of Gotthia PDF
George Huxley 161-169
Photius on the Transmission of Texts (Bibliotheca, Codex 187) PDF
Warren T. Treadgold 171-175
Wilamowitz to Zeller: Two Letters PDF
William M. Calder III 177-184

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