Vol 23, No 3 (1982)

Table of Contents


Herodotos 5.68 and the Racial Policy of Kleisthenes of Sikyon PDF
Peter J. Bicknell 193-201
Perikles’ Wife: Chronological Calculations PDF
Robert D. Cromey 203-212
The Heorte of Heortology PDF
Jon D. Mikalson 213-221
Hoplomachia and Greek Dances in Arms PDF
Everett L. Wheeler 223-233
Euripides Phoenissae 1-2 and Sophocles Electra 1—Again PDF
M. van der Valk 235-240
The Athenian Ecclesia and the Meeting-Place on the Pnyx PDF
Mogens Herman Hansen 241-249
Aristotle as Lyric Poet: The Hermias Poem PDF
R. Renehan 251-274
Plutarch and the Sublime Hymn of Ofellius Laetus PDF
G. W. Bowersock 275-279
Alexander’s House (Pausanias 8.32.1) PDF
William M. Calder III 281-287

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