Vol 24, No 3 (1983)

Table of Contents


Eumolpos and the Wars of Athens PDF
Robert M. Simms 197-208
Erotesis: Interrogation in the Courts of Fourth-Century Athens PDF
Edwin M. Carawan 209-226
Political Activity and the Organization of Attica in the Fourth Century B.C. PDF
Mogens Herman Hansen 227-238
Iphikrates, Timotheos, and Athens, 371-360 B.C. PDF
Lisa Kallet 239-252
Baanes the Notary on ‘Old Edessa’ PDF
George Huxley 253-257
Galen and Stoic Rhetoric PDF
Lee T. Pearcy 259-272
A Disputed Novel of Basil II PDF
John Philip Thomas 273-283

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