Vol 55, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents


The Repetitive Verse: A Comparative Study in Homeric, South Slavic, and Ugaritic Poetry PDF
Daphne Baratz pp. 1-24
Trojan Politics and the Assemblies of Iliad 7 PDF
Joel P. Christensen pp. 25-51
Learning the Alphabet: Abecedaria and the Early Schools in Greece PDF
William C. West, III pp. 52-71
The Iconography of Dionysiac Choroi: Dithyramb, Tragedy, and the Basel Krater PDF
Matthew C Wellenbach pp. 72-103
The opsis of Helen: Performative Intertextuality in Euripides PDF
Aspasia Skouroumouni Stavrinou pp. 104-132
γρίφους παίζειν: Playing at Riddles in Greek PDF
Anna Potamiti pp. 133-153
The Eranistai of Classical Athens PDF
Christian Ammitzbøll Thomsen pp. 154-175
Reading the Arrivals of Harpalus PDF
Alex Gottesman pp. 176-195
Linguistic Variation in Greek Papyri: Towards a New Tool for Quantitative Study PDF
Mark Depauw, Joanne Stolk pp. 196-220
The Quaestor Proclus PDF
Charles F. Pazdernik pp. 221-249
Protective Iambic Incantations on Two Inscribed Octagonal Rings PDF
Michael Zellmann-Rohrer pp. 250-255
Reading Diodorus through Photius: The Case of the Sicilian Slave Revolts PDF
Laura Pfuntner pp. 256-272
Michael Choniates at the Christian Parthenon and the Bendideia Festival of Republic 1 PDF
Byron David MacDougall pp. 273-299

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