Vol 55, No 4 (2015)

Table of Contents


Ten Thousand Eyes: The Story of Ἄργος Μυριωπός PDF
Alexander Nikolaev pp. 812-831
Clytemnestra at Aulis: Euripides and the Reconsideration of Tradition PDF
Jonah Radding pp. 832-862
The Dependent Polis: Further Considerations, in Response to Pierre Fröhlich PDF
Mogens Herman Hansen pp. 863-883
Is Patrokleides’ Decree (Andoc. 1.77–79) a Genuine Document? PDF
Mogens Herman Hansen pp. 884-901
Unaccountable Numbers PDF
Fabio Acerbi pp. 902-926
The Byzantine Eagle Countermark: Creating a Pseudo-Consular Coinage under the Heraclii? PDF
David Woods pp. 927-945
Joseph Scaliger’s Notes on Quintus of Smyrna’s Posthomerica PDF
Guillermo Galán Vioque pp. 946-968

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