Vol 56, No 2 (2016)

Table of Contents


The Island of the Sun: Spatial Aspect of Solstices in Early Greek Thought PDF
Tomislav Bilić pp. 195-224
Theorodokoi, Asylia, and the Cities of Macedonia PDF
Ben Raynor pp. 225-262
Two Hellenistic Defixiones from West Crimea PDF
Vladimir F. Stolba pp. 263-292
Libanius the Historian? Praise and the Presentation of the Past in Or. 59 PDF
Alan J. Ross pp. 293-320
Leonidas at Sphacteria PDF
Annalisa Paradiso pp. 321-333
Peleus and Acastus’ Wife between Nicolaus of Damascus and Aelian PDF
Annalisa Paradiso pp. 334-342
Angelos in Halych: Did Alexios III Visit Roman Mstislavich? PDF
Alexander V. Maiorov pp. 343-376
Venice, Genoa, and John VIII Palaeologus’ Renovation of the Fortifications of Constantinople PDF
Marios Philippides pp. 377-397

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