Vol 54, No 3 (2014)

Table of Contents


Hippokleides, the ‘Dance’, and the Panathenaia PDF
Brian M. Lavelle 313-341
The Bond of Consanguinity between Mother and Daughter: Agamemnon 1417–1418 and 1525 PDF
Giulia Maria Chesi 342-351
Losing Confidence in Sparta: The Creation of the Mantinean Symmachy PDF
James Capreedy 352-378
Political Parties in Democratic Athens? PDF
Mogens Herman Hansen 379-403
Misthos for Magistrates in Fourth-Century Athens? PDF
Mogens Herman Hansen 404-419
Chrysippus of Cnidus: Medical Doxography and Hellenistic Monarchies PDF
Marquis Berrey 420-443
Ptolemy and Plutarch’s On the Generation of the Soul in the Timaeus: Three Parallels PDF
Cristian Tolsa 444-461
Encomium and Thesis in Galen’s De parvae pilae exercitio PDF
Craig A. Gibson 462-473
Is the Letter Credebamus post from Boniface I or Leo I? PDF
Geoffrey D. Dunn 474-493
Two Epithets of Mark the Evangelist: Coptic theorimos and Byzantine Greek θεόπτης PDF
Sameh Farouk Soliman 494-506

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