Vol 54, No 4 (2014)

Table of Contents


Reconstructing Laomedon’s Reign in Homer: Olympiomachia, Poseidon’s Wall, and the Earlier Trojan War PDF
Andrew Porter pp. 507-526
Pindar Fr. 75 SM and the Politics of Athenian Space PDF
Richard T. Neer, Leslie Kurke pp. 527-579
A Puzzling Threat by Silenos: On Sophocles’ Ichneutai 168 PDF
Andreas P. Antonopoulos pp. 580-584
Medea’s Four Reasons PDF
Marco Gemin pp. 585-598
‘Most likely to succeed’: Degree Adverbs Specifying Probability in Classical Greek PDF
Helma Dik pp. 599-616
On Greek Dedicatory Practices: The Problem of hyper PDF
Theodora Suk Fong Jim pp. 617-638
Augustan Procedure and Legal Documents in RDGE 70 PDF
Bradley J. Bitner pp. 639-664
Plutarch’s Compositional Technique: The Anecdote Collections and the Parallel Lives PDF
Philip A. Stadter pp. 665-686
The ‘Ptolemy’ Epigram: A Scholion on the Preface of the Syntaxis PDF
Cristian Tolsa pp. 687-697
Fighting with the Heart of a Beast: Galen’s Use of the Elephant’s Cardiac Anatomy against Cardiocentrists PDF
Luis Alejandro Salas pp. 698-727
“Scythica Vindobonensia” by Dexippus(?): New Fragments on Decius’ Gothic Wars PDF
Gunther Martin, Jana Grusková pp. 728-754

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