Vol 56, No 4 (2016)

Table of Contents


The Wanassa and the Damokoro: A New Interpretation of a Linear B Text from Pylos PDF
Jorrit Martin Kelder, Marco Poelwijk pp. 572-584
Gnomic φεῦ PDF
Matthew Wright pp. 585-593
The Authenticity of the Law about Nomothesia inserted in Demosthenes Against Timokrates 33 PDF
Mogens Herman Hansen pp. 594-610
A New Fragment of the Narratives of Conon PDF
Andy Hilkens pp. 611-622
Dying Like a Woman: Euripides’ Polyxena as Exemplum between Philo and Clement of Alexandria PDF
Courtney J. P. Friesen pp. 623-645
The Eighteen Associations of Corinth PDF
Benedikt Eckhardt pp. 646-662
The Nonae Capratinae in Dion and Religious Associations and Public Festivals in Roman Macedonia PDF
Pantelis Nigdelis pp. 663-678
Alexander’s Return to Greece in the Alexander Romance PDF
Benjamin Garstad pp. 679-695
Musical Ekphrasis and Diegema in Longus’ Daphnis and Chloe PDF
José-Antonio Fernández-Delgado, Francisca Pordomingo pp. 696-708
Notes on Two Inscribed Gems and an Affectionate Address PDF
Michael Zellmann-Rohrer pp. 709-713
The Forum of Constantine in Constantinople: What do we know about its original architecture and adornment? PDF
Anthony Kaldelis pp. 714-739
Nonnus’ Dionysiaca and Late-Antique Discourse on Warfare PDF
Nicholas Kauffman pp. 740-770
Mystical Union as Acknowledgment: Pseudo-Dionysius’ Account of Henosis PDF
Nicolò Sassi pp. 771-784
Saving Severus: How Severus of Antioch’s Writings Survived in Greek PDF
Yonatan Moss pp. 785-808

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