Vol 56, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents


The Quarrel with Perses and Hesiod’s Biographical Tradition PDF
Zoe Stamatopoulou pp. 1-17
Irrigation Holes in Ancient Greek Agriculture PDF
Tadashi Ito pp. 18-33
Is Teisamenos’ Decree (Andoc. 1.83–84) a Genuine Document? PDF
Mogens Herman Hansen pp. 34-48
Aristotle and the Mathematical Tradition on diastēma and logos: An Analysis of Physics 3.3, 202a18-21 PDF
Monica Ugaglia pp. 49-67
Aristotle and Chamaeleon and Anonymous in the Margins of Genev.gr. 44 PDF
Robert Mayhew pp. 68-81
Panhellenic and Epichoric Elements in Corinna's Catalogues PDF
Vasiliki Kousoulini pp. 82-110
Danaus βουγενής: Greco-Egyptian Mythology and Ptolemaic Kingship. PDF
Alexandros Kampakoglou pp. 111-139
Variation in Private Letters: The Papyri of the Apollonios Strategos Archive PDF
Delphine Nachtergaele pp. 140-163
Manuel Chrysoloras’ Περὶ τοῦ Βασιλέως λόγου: Genre, Aims, Content, and Sources PDF
Erika Nuti pp. 164-194

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