Vol 56, No 3 (2016)

Table of Contents


Weak at the Knees: Two Iliadic Formulae PDF
Patrick Philpott pp. 398-409
Reading the Proemium of Plato’s Theaetetus: Euclides in Action PDF
Eleni Kaklamanou, Maria Pavlou pp. 410-437
The Authenticity of the Law about Nomothesia inserted in Demosthenes Against Timokrates 20–23 PDF
Mogens Herman Hansen pp. 438-474
Τετραδισταί in a Funerary Inscription from Roman Thessaloniki PDF
Pantelis Nigdelis pp. 475-484
The patria of Claudianus (FGrHist 282) PDF
Lorenzo Focanti pp. 485-503
Hesychius of Jerusalem, Ecclesiastical History (CPG 6582) PDF
Lieve Van Hoof, Panagiotis Manafis, Peter Van Nuffelen pp. 504-527
The Geometric Mosaics at Khirbat Mar Elyas: A Comparative Study PDF
Mohammad Nassar, Abdulmajeed Sabbagh pp. 528-555
Ascending the Ladder: Editio Princeps of Four Poems on the Ladder of John Klimakos (Bodleian Baroccianus 141) PDF
Renaat Jos John Meesters pp. 556-571

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