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Bushala, Eugene W. (United States)
Busine, Aude, Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium)
Buszard, Bradley (United States)
Buttrey, T. V. (United States)
Buxton, Richard Fernando, University of Texas at Austin (United States)


Cabaniss, J. Allen (United States)
Cadili, Luca (Italy)
Cadwallader, Alan (Australia)
Cairns, Francis, The Florida State University (United States)
Calder III, William M. (United States)
Cameron, Alan (United Kingdom)
Cameron, Alan (United States)
Cameron, H. D. (United States)
Canevaro, Mirko (United Kingdom)
Caponigro, Mark Stephen (United States)
Capreedy, James, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Caputo, Clementina, Politecnico di Milano (Italy)
Carawan, Edwin (United States)
Carawan, Edwin M. (United States)
Carawan, Edwin, Missouri State University (United States)
Carawan, Edwin M.
Cargill, Jack (United States)
Carney, Elizabeth D. (United States)
Carney, Elizabeth (United States)
Carney, Elizabeth D., Clemson University (United States)

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