Vol 35, No 3 (1994)

Table of Contents


Thematic Inversion in the Iliad: The Greeks under Siege PDF
James V. Morrison 209-227
Oral Performance and the Composition of Herodotus’ Histories PDF
William A. Johnson 229-254
Authorial Statements, Narrative, and Character in Plutarch’s Agesilaus-Pompeius PDF
Thomas P. Hillman 255-280
Anth. Pal. 14.34 and Achilles Tatius 2.14 PDF
Edmund P. Cueva 281-286
Was Constantine VI ‘Lassoed’ at Markellai? PDF
Denis Sullivan 287-291
The Taming of Digenes: The Plan of Digenes Akrites, Grottaferrata Version, Book IV PDF
Andrew R. Dyck 293-308

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