Vol 12, No 2 (1971)

Table of Contents


Pindar’s House PDF
William J. Slater 141-152
Sophoclean Apologia: Philoctetes PDF
William M. Calder III 153-174
Menander’s Aspis PDF
Hugh Lloyd-Jones 175-195
Notes on Donatus’ Commentary on Adelphoe PDF
John N. Grant 197-209
Kallimachos, the Assyrian River and the Bees of Demeter PDF
George Huxley 211-215
On the Lex Sacra of the Deme Phrearrhioi PDF
F. Sokolowski 217-220
Epaminondas of Acraephia PDF
James H. Oliver 221-237
Βραδέως γράφων: Between Literacy and Illiteracy PDF
Herbert C. Youtie 239-261
Byzantine Attitudes toward Islam during the Late Middle Ages PDF
Speros Vryonis Jr 263-286
Holkham Hall 88: Guarino’s Aristophanes PDF
M. Amanda Giannini 287-289

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