Vol 20, No 4 (1979)

Table of Contents


The Prosecution of Homicide in Athens PDF
Michael Gagarin 301-323
More on the Prytaneion Decree PDF
Wesley E. Thompson 325-329
Thrasyphon Hierokleidou Xypetaion PDF
Sterling Dow 331-345
Acts 17.28 PDF
Robert Renehan 347-353
Galen’s Concept of Continuity PDF
Philip H. De Lacy 355-369
Two Notes on the Hippiatrica PDF
Klaus-Dietrich Fischer 371-379
A Coptic Version of the Discovery of the Holy Sepulchre PDF
H. A. Drake 381-392
The Berlin Graeca: a Further Note PDF
William M. Calder III, Friedrich Solmsen 393-400

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