Vol 24, No 4 (1983)

Table of Contents


The Date of Prometheus Bound PDF
Dana Ferrin Sutton 289-294
The Purpose of Dokimasia PDF
Gabriel Adeleye 295-306
Graphe or Dike Traumatos? PDF
Mogens Herman Hansen 307-320
IG II2 1 and the Athenian Kleruchy on Samos PDF
Jack Cargill 321-332
Conon and Rhodes: The Troubled Aftermath of Synoecism PDF
H. D. Westlake 333-344
An Argive Dynasty in Malalas PDF
George Huxley 345-347
A Royal Document from Aigai in Aiolis PDF
Hasan Malay 349-353
Julian and the Last Oracle at Delphi PDF
Timothy E. Gregory 355-366
Eustathius and Callimachus PDF
M. van der Valk 367-373
Looking Back to Antiquity: Three Notes PDF
Alexander Kazhdan 375-377

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