Forthcoming: GRBS Vol 56 No 3 (Autumn 2016)

Patrick Philpott, “Weak at the Knees: Two Iliadic Formulae”

The Homeric formula “loosen the kneees,” often taken to mean only kill, can in fact be found applied also to non-lethal acts of disabling.

Mogens Herman Hansen, “The Authenticity of the Law about Nomothesia inserted in Demosthenes Against Timokrates 20–23”

The quoted law and Demosthenes’ commentary on it, especially in regard to the procedure of epicheirotonia, can be shown to be consistent with each other and with other evidence on Athenian law.

Lieve Van Hoof, Panagiotis Manafis, and Peter Van Nuffelen, “Hesychius of Jerusalem Ecclesiastical History (CPG 6582)”

The testimonia and fragments of Hesychius’ lost history of the Council of Ephesus in 431, the first ecclesiastical history dedicated to a single council, are collected and discussed.

Renaat Jos John Meesters, “Ascending the Ladder: Editio Princeps of Four Poems on the Ladder of John Klimakos (Bodleian Baroccianus 141)”

Four dodecasyllable poems, paratexts celebrating Klimakos’ Ladder that survive in a 14th-century ms., are published and commented on.