Forthcoming: GRBS Vol 56 No 2 (Summer 2016)

Tomislav Bilić, “The Island of the Sun: Spatial Aspect of Solstices in Early Greek Thought”

Greek efforts to localize heliotropic points led to varied interpretations of the Odyssey’s ‘Syrie’, ‘Ortygia’, and the turnings of the sun (15.404), especially Pytheas’ ‘Thoule’.

Ben Raynor, “Theorodokoi, Asylia, and the Cities of Macedonia”

Reception of theoroi and decrees of asylia, being harmless gestures, are not evidence of the cities’ independence of the king; these gestures proliferate with the growing involvement of the cities with the rest of the Greek world.

Vladimir Stolba, “Two Hellenistic Defixiones from West Crimea”

Two curse-tablets, published here, offer new onomastic data on the region, and a reference to civic guardians of orphans, such as are attested in other cities.

Alan J. Ross, “Libanius the Historian? Praise and the Presentation of the Past in Or. 59”

Libanius’ panegyric for Constantius and Constans offers a sustained meditation on the proper role of historiography and its conventions in the practice of encomium.

Annalisa Paradiso, “Peleus and Acastus’ Wife between Nicolaus of Damascus and Aelian”

Conflicting accounts in the Suda concerning the wife of Acastus derive only in part from Nicolaus, while the rest probably can be attributed Aelian.

Annalisa Paradiso, “Leonidas at Sphacteria”

The Suda, in placing Leonidas at Sphacteria, depends on schol. Ar. Eq. 55a and reflects a confusion between Pylos and Pylae.

Alexander V. Maiorov, “Angelos in Halych: Did Alexios III Visit Roman Mstislavich?”

The movements of the emperor during the Fourth Crusade, traceable through Byzantine and western sources, probably included a mission to seek aid from the Galician ruler.

Marios Philippides, “Venice, Genoa, and John VIII Palaeologus’ Renovation of the Fortifications of Constantinople”

Chalcocondyles’ account of John’s conflict with the Genoese ca. 1434 is supplemented by a contemporary panegyric that shows the events to be part of a larger conflict between Genoa and Venice.